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What is Romance?

chocolate hearts I may write erotic romance, but I struggle with that word – Romance I mean, not Erotic.

Don’t get me wrong, all the stuff that’s considered Romantic: flowers, chocolates, whispered sweet nothings etc are all lovely, but it’s the little things that really count.

Does he remember what’s going on in your life: that interview / presentation / or whatever that’s important to you. Does he text you good luck and call to see how it went?

If he gets home first, has he got dinner started (or washes up afterwards without being asked) or, better yet, greet you with a kiss and a large glass of wine because he know’s you’ve had a hard day?

That’s not just romantic – that’s LOVE.

I remember one Valentine’s weekend. My then BF had a dozen crimson roses delivered, I got a smooshy card and another single red rose when we met for dinner at our favourite (and fabulous) Italian restaurant – Tiramisu to DIE for! (Then awesome sex in our rose petal strewn bed by the light of scented candles – yes I can be romantic too… Sorry. TMI?)

BUT. You know what got me the most about all the things he did for me that weekend?

Being American he wasn’t particularly into football (soccer), but he got tickets for an Arsenal game because he knew I was a fan. And I’m damn sure they cost him a hell of a lot more than the face value. It was great and The Arsenal won 1-0.

Now as gestures go, this may not be deemed romantic by some, but for me it was the BEST GIFT EVER.

That’s why, in Beguiled, I could have had Nick take Mia to swanky places and buy her expensive gifts, but I didn’t. It’s not about his wealth. It’s not even about the sex. Nick cares about Mia’s well-being. He shows his feelings for her in other ways. He’s not only passionate and intense, he’s thoughtful too, which, to my way of thinking, is the most important attribute a man can have.


Terri x

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