Wet Weds: Tonight’s The Night!

Another Wednesday can only mean one thing − more Aiden and Jen sexiness.
And after the months of flirting and the six days of waiting,
tonight is most definitely the night…

* * *


I scoop Jen into my arms and stand up.

She toes off her shoes and rests her head in the crook of my neck as I carry her into the bedroom.

Releasing her legs, I let her slide slowly down my body until her feet touch the floor.

The air sparks between us as we hold each other’s gaze. And I feel like I’m on a precipice, about to step off the edge and tumble into a bottomless well the exact blue of her eyes. A void so deep I may never be able to climb out.

I unzip her dress and slip it off her shoulders. It slides down her body, pooling at her feet and she steps out of it.

She trembles under my touch as I brush my fingertips up the length of her arms, her breath leaving her lungs in a stuttering exhale.

Reaching behind her I unclasp her bra. The silky material falls from her breasts.

And I forget to breathe.

My gaze ranges hungrily over every inch of her perfect body before reconnecting with hers.

Dear God I want this girl. I’m so hard it’s almost painful.

Leaning my face to hers, I kiss her: softly, deeply.

She moans against my lips as I caress her behind, sliding my palms beneath the delicate material of her knickers.

I’m about to sink further into the softness of her mouth when she pulls out of my grasp.

She takes a step back and shakes her head.


A small smile slowly forms on her mouth, and I relax.

“You’ve got some catching up to do.”

She watches intently as I shrug out of my jacket and throw it unseeing on the chair behind me. I take off my shoes and socks before tugging my shirt out of my trousers and slowly unbuttoning it.

Jen’s lips part; her gaze following my progress as I unzip my trousers and step out of them before chucking them in the general direction of where I slung my jacket.

My shirt goes the same way. That pretty much makes us even.

She jerks her head in a small upward nod. “And the rest.”

I take off my trunks and stand before her.

Jen’s mouth gapes as her gaze slides down my body and back up to mine. “Fuck me… I just want to climb you like a tree.”

“So who’s stopping you?”

I find myself taking rapid steps backwards until the back of my knees make contact with the bed. She pushes me down, again giving me that small upwards nod.

I scooch up the mattress. “I’m all yours. Have at me.”

Jen grins dirtily as she climbs onto the bed, her legs astride mine. She slowly crawls up my body, kissing her way up my shin, over my knee and up my thigh.

A wicked gleam in her eyes, she holds my gaze as she makes a long, determined lick up the shaft of my dick: base to tip.

Sweet Jesus.

* * *


Terri x

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