Wet Weds: The Morning After

Happy Hump day! Time for some more sexiness
with Aiden and Jen in another excerpt from, Torn.
It’s the morning after the night before. Aiden’s sure of what he feels,
but it seems Jen’s still holding back…

* * *

Jen stops me as I go to make my way to the back door of her shop with the boxes of flowers I’ve taken from the back of her van.

“Let me check and make sure Sarah hasn’t come in early before you go barging in.”

She can’t be serious. “A: I’m hardly barging, and B: so what if she is?”

Jen looks at the ground and shrugs.

I need an answer. “Well?”

Jen huffs a breath and looks at me. “Because of the off chance she’ll tell Mia. You never know.”

“And why wouldn’t you want Mia to know? I thought she was your best friend.”

“She is.”

“So why wouldn’t you tell her about us?”

“For one thing she doesn’t have to know every minute detail of my life, and for seconds there’s nothing much to tell.”

Whoa. Go for the jugular why don’t you.

“So last night was nothing much?”

“That’s not what I mean. I just don’t feel like sharing.” She takes a step closer. “Can’t we just keep whatever this is between the two of us for now?”

“Whatever this is? Don’t you know?”

“Well it’s a bit early to tell isn’t it? One shag − no matter how mind-blowing, doesn’t a relationship make.”


She narrows her eyes at me. “Okay big man. Don’t get cocky.”

I just can’t stop grinning. “Uh uh. You said the sex was mind-blowing. You can’t take it back now.”

She tuts and snatches the boxes out of my hands. “Oh you’re impossible.”

Her fake huffiness is just adorable. And so is the flushing to her cheeks.

“Probably. But also capable of showing you a good time apparently.”

“Well if you want the chance to do that more than once, stay there.”

I lean against the van as I watch her disappear into the back of the shop.

A moment later she reappears. “Well don’t just stand there, make yourself useful and help me get this lot inside. Unlike you, flowers are delicate things and they don’t like the cold.”

“What about snowdrops?”

Jen pins me with a look that expresses just how un-amused she is. “Don’t get clever, smartarse. These flowers don’t. And they cost a bloody fortune so I don’t want them ruined.”

She stops piling boxes at the edge of the van as I put my arms around her from behind.

“There’s no time for that.”

She may be tutting, but still I feel her body sink against mine as I nuzzle my face in the crook of her neck.

“Oh shush. They’re fine.” I lift my head and cup her cheek, tilting her face so she’s looking at me. “Besides, I haven’t done this in hours.”

Her lips may be as cold as her cheeks, but there’s a warmth in her response that seeps deep into my soul.

She opens her eyes slowly, her lips still parted when I release her from my kiss. And I’m reminded how much I want to put that softness in her gaze every day.

I could spend my life doing that.

* * *


Terri x

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