Wet Weds: The Heat Of His Gaze

Wet Weds can only mean one thing… Another sexy snippet from Torn.
Looks like Aiden may have finally won Jen over…

* * *


“Didn’t you say something about needing an early night?”

“Ha! Typical bloke. Give me a load of old guff about wanting my heart when all you really want is to get in my knickers.”

“Can’t I want both?”

Something about this man gets to me, I can’t deny it.

He understands what it’s like to be hurt. I could see it in his eyes when he told me about that bitch who left him just before Christmas. He’s still affected by it. Oh I don’t think he’s still sad about her, but he remembers the pain.

And he is a nice man. A good man. I know this from the way he is, how good a friend he is to Nick, looking out for him all these years. And nice men are few and far between.

And he’s not Jacob. Jacob was a no good lying shit who never saw me as anything other than someone temporary while he was working over here. Why have the hassle of finding different girls to hook up with when you can have one and sex on tap?

But I believe Aiden when he says he won’t hurt me. Well I believe he believes it; that he has no intention of hurting me.

Time will tell though.

And there is absolutely no denying this man is definitely good where it counts.

The heat of his gaze is having its usual effect on me. Why do I forget everything every time I look into those deep emerald pools?

Oh to hell with it.

“You can not only want it, you can have it too.”

I shift onto his lap so I’m straddling him.

There’s something about how he lays his hand on the back of my head and pulls my face closer to his that makes me feel so desired. It speaks of his need, as does the urgency of his kiss.

A rush of cool air whispers up my back as he slides his free hand under my T shirt and up my spine. And undoes my bra.

Nicely done.

He runs his hands around my body and pushes up my T shirt and bra.

I give in to the tingles that radiate, letting my head fall back as he covers my breast with his mouth and sucks the nipple into a peak. Little darts of pure pleasure pulse on a direct course to my groin in time with his tongue as he flicks it over one nipple and brushes his thumb over the other.

The bulge in his trousers presses against me as I writhe under his attentions. I shift position, desire flooding between my thighs as I rub along the length of his hard on.

Aiden moans around my breast. “Let’s go to bed.”

I push out of his hold and shimmy off his lap. “Uh uh. Take too long.”

In seconds flat I kick off my shoes, strip off my jeans and slip my palms under my knickers, my thumbs hooked over the waistband.

Aiden’s gaze follows their progress as I peel my knickers down my legs and step out of them.

He blinks, coming out of his daze, unzips his trousers and pushes them and his trunks down over his thighs.

I retake my position on his lap and take a firm hold of him, teasing as I brush the tip of his cock over my clit.

Aiden’s eyes close on a slow blink and he lets out his breath in a long drawn out groan as I slowly lower myself onto him until he’s fully immersed.

He slides his hands up my thighs and opens his mouth, but the words never make it past his lips. Whatever he was about to say morphing into a low growl as I begin to rock against him.

* * *


Terri x

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