Wet Weds: Sexy like Sunday morning…

It may be Wet Wednesday, but Aiden and Jen are about to have
a very sexy Sunday morning…

* * *

I put the dirty mugs in the sink and turn to say something to Jen, but the words don’t make it past my lips.

The sight of her leaning over the table, her T shirt riding up exposing the small swell of her bum as she reaches out tidying up the mess of papers has me speechless.

And hard.

She stops gathering papers as I run my hands up her thighs.

Her soft moan as she straightens up and leans her body back against mine let’s me know she’s right here with me.

So does her hand as she slips it between our bodies and palms my dick.

I brush her hair over her shoulder and kiss a path up her neck to whisper in her ear. “How strong is this table?”

“Strong enough.”

I turn her around to face me and my brain ceases to function. I’m staggered by the depth of desire blazing in her eyes.

She huffs out a breath as she grabs the hem of her T shirt, strips it off over her head and chucks it behind her. “Make your mind up. Are you just going to stare at me or take me before I go off the whole idea?”

My dick sends the message to my brain to snap out of my daze and my sweater and T shirt go the way of hers as I drop them unseeing on the floor.

I drag the chair out of the way and grab Jen’s waist, lifting her off her feet and deposit her on the edge of the table. “Lift.”

Taking her weight on her hands, Jen lifts her bum enough for me to pull off her knickers.

They’ve barely hit the floor before she’s wrapping her legs around my hips and pulling my face to hers.

All my senses are on overload as I meet her kiss with equal force, our mouths crashing together, tongues battling.

My dick throbs with the need to be inside her.

I pull my sweats and trunks down over my hips, push her down against the table and plunge deep inside her in one stroke.

* * *


Terri x

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