Wet Weds: Rush of Desire

Another Wet Weds means only one thing. Another sexy snippet from Torn.
After Jen’s sexy teasing over dessert,
Aiden can’t get her back to her place quick enough…


Aiden is the picture of composure as Stefano brings our coats and, I’m thrilled to see, the half finished bottle of wine.

He’s polite when the maître d inquires as to whether we enjoyed our meal, taking the time to thank him properly.

He holds the door open for me like a gentleman as we exit the restaurant.

But the tightness of his grip on my hand and the hurriedness with which he walks us to his car belies his urgency to have me.

A desire matched by my own need to be had.

After opening the passenger door for me, Aiden wastes no time in getting round to his side and stowing the bottle of wine carefully before climbing in and closing his door with a loud clunk.

The Porsche’s engine whines in protest as he pushes too hard on the accelerator before he’s fully released the clutch.

He presses his lips together breathing heavily through his nose as we stop at yet another red light; his knuckles whitening as he grips the steering wheel.

Pulling into the space in the parking area at the rear of my shop, he switches off the ignition almost before the wheels have stopped turning and un-clicks his seat belt.

He looks over at me. His lips part and his gaze sears into mine.

And it’s all I can do not to rip open my seat belt and have at him right here in the car. Well I would do if there was room, but I’d have to clamber over the central console and there’s not enough space to push back his seat. That’s the trouble with these sexy sports cars; there just isn’t the room for a successful shag.

And why bother when there’s a perfectly comfortable bed upstairs? Or sofa. Or the fucking kitchen table for all I care.

* * *


Terri x

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