Wet Weds: I Want My Reward

Another Wet Weds means more sexiness with Aiden and Jen
and another excerpt from Torn.
If Aiden expects Jen to give up her Sunday lie-in
there has to be something in it for her… 😉


* * *


“My brother’s playing. It’s an important match and I promised I’d be there.”

“So why does that mean I have to be?”

“Because I want you there. And it’s what girlfriends do.”

“Yeah, if you were playing.”

“Oh go on.”

Bloody hell, what girl could resist those puppy dog eyes? “Oh alright. I suppose I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t.” And how can I refuse after last night?

Aiden plants a kiss on my mouth. “Thank you.”

“But I expect me sacrificing my Sunday lie-in to be rewarded.”

“Name it.”

Hmm. Let me think… What do I want..? Well that’s easy.

I smile sweetly. “When we get back…”


“I expect you to strip me naked and go down on me. I don’t care where. Just get the job done.”

The surprised expression on Aiden’s face is priceless and has me howling with laughter.

I stop laughing though as he breathes hot in my ear and bites on the lobe.

“Deal,” he whispers. “And I’ll make you come long and hard.”

* * *


Terri x

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