Wet Weds: Be careful what you wish for

It’s Wet Wednesday and you know what that means…
More sexiness with Aiden and Jen from, Torn.
Aiden may be Mr Nice Guy, but it seems he has a dominant, bossy side…


“I like your friend Freddy. He’s a right laugh.”

I shrug out of my coat and hang it over hers. “Hmm. He liked you too. A bit too much if you ask me. I saw you getting cosy with him while I was busy with potential members. Of course if he knew you’re my girlfriend, he would have backed off.”

“Well I wasn’t about to tell him now was I?”

“And why not?”

Jen’s shrug is annoyingly nonchalant. “A girl’s got to keep her options open. If you ever do the dirty on me and break my heart I’ll always have him as a back up plan.”

I swear to God she only says these things to get a rise out of me.

“So Freddy’s your kind of bloke is he?”

Jen laughs at the look of warning I’m pretty sure is on my face. “Not half. What girl could resist a bloke who calls her “Princess”?”

She does a pretty good impression of Freddy and I can’t help smiling. On the inside.

“Really. I think I need to knock that idea on the head right now.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Oh would you?”


“That’s it. No more mister nice guy. Someone definitely needs to be taught a lesson. This cheekiness cannot go unpunished.”

Jen squeals as in one swift movement I have her off her feet and thrown across my shoulder.

“Unpunished? And how do you plan on punishing me big man?”

I lift up her dress as I march us down the hall. The sharp smack of my palm on her bum has her gasping.

“Lesson one.”

“Ooh I can’t wait for lesson two. Especially if it’s more of lesson one. Care to put your money where your mouth is, or are you all talk?”

“Watch it. Any more back chat from you and I will give you a good spanking. Until your bum is glowing and my palm is stinging.”

“Promises promises.”

I kick open her bedroom door. “Be careful what you wish for.”

* * *


Terri x

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