Wet Weds: Anticipation – it’s half the fun

Another Weds means another excerpt from Torn…

Yes they’re both anticipating sex, but it looks like Jen and Aiden’s expectations
of what happens after that are very different…

The good thing about being a florist is, Mia doesn’t question it when I say I need to shoot off early because I’m up to my eyes in a big order I just have to get finished.

Truth be told, after the rush of Christmas weddings and all the orders for festive arrangements for my commercial customers in the run up to the holiday season, things tend to quieten down in January. So the only business I get this month are walk-ins. But thankfully they’re enough to keep me ticking over until the next big day.

Bloody hell, come the second week of February I won’t be able to move for red roses. Cynical about love I may be, but I’m not complaining. All those blokes wooing new girlfriends and the ones keeping long-standing GFs or wives sweet are all very good for business. And let’s not forget the odd sleazy bastard buying them for his wife and girlfriend on the side. Honestly you’d think they’d have the common sense to buy the flowers from separate florists, but no. Well at least two of them don’t anyway.

Whatever, I’m just glad I can sneak off early without rousing any suspicion on Mia’s part.

If Aiden’s going to see me naked I need to prepare…

What am I saying? If? It’s a foregone conclusion.

It will be if I get my way.

And what other reason has he for coming round?

* * *

My heel taps a steady rhythm on the floor of the cab as it takes me ever closer to Jen’s.

After what feels like an age, the taxi finally pulls up on the road next to the rear of her shop.

Having paid the driver, I grab my bag and get out.

There’s a quickening in my pulse I can’t deny as I make my way across the parking area and up the fire escape to Jen’s flat.

Although I haven’t seen her since Sunday morning, I couldn’t resist texting her every day. And our exchanged messages convinced me I want this − as if I didn’t know that already.

And that she wants it too.

Two flights, a difficult conversation and four taxi journeys in the space of a few hours have left me tired. But I feel something else too.

My heart pounds an echoing thudding as I knock on her front door.

I could be on the brink of getting everything I’ve ever wanted.

* * *


Terri x

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