Sexy Saturday – Mid Flight Hanky Panky


More from my hot and sexy alpha male, Sebastian to sex up your Saturday.

Love and Romance is definitely not on his mind, but for a charmer like Sebastian the eight-hour flight from Heathrow to JFK is another opportunity for sexy fun. All he needs is a girl who’s up for some mid-flight hanky panky. Luckily for him, he finds her. And now he’s got her just where he wants her; in the upper deck bar …

god's gift knickers offIt’s probably fair to assume this girl is more than a little fucked up and I know I shouldn’t take advantage, but those big blue eyes and pouty lips are just too irresistible.

“Another drink?”

“Why not?”

Good … And I’m thinking it’s about time I move this on to phase two. “Shall we move to a table? More comfy over there.”

She glances over at the small seating area; the leather seats obviously more appealing than the stools we’re both perched on because she smiles. “Okay.”

“You take a seat and I’ll get the drinks in.”

Her dress rides further up her legs giving me a momentary flash as she shimmies off the stool. My dick twitches, urging me to get a move on as the mental image of peeling those pink lacy knickers down her golden thighs flicks across my mind’s eye.

“Same again?”

The barman’s question drags me from my musings.

“Yeah … No. Just another Mai Tai.”

I don’t need any encouragement and my glass is still half full. Not to mention I had wine with my meal. I may be me, but let’s not forget, alcohol is not a man’s best friend.

Good at his job, the barman has the girl’s sickly concoction in front of me in a couple of minutes and I take it over to the table.

The way she sucks a third of the way down the glass makes me wonder if she’s nervous. Oh Christ, don’t tell me I’ve read her wrong; that’s so unlike me, but then even I make mistakes. Well mistake, in the singular …

Holy fuck, one virgin was bad enough. What did she think; that we’d be basking in the afterglow; that her first would be her last; that I was her Prince Charming? Fuck that shit. Jesus, she was harder to shake off than sand on a beach towel. Of course Phil thought it was fucking hilarious; the bastard. But no way was I spending our entire week in Ibiza stuck with whatever the fuck her name was.

So to say I’m keen not to repeat the experience would be an understatement of fucking major proportions. I need to play this carefully.

I look deep into her eyes. “So what do you do for fun then? Back in Pacific Pallisades.”

She grins around the straw held between her perfect white teeth before taking another pull of her drink. “All sorts of things dad doesn’t know about for sure.”

Her Little Miss Californian Princess, “fer shur” grates, but the damn near wicked glint in her eye has me re-evaluating.

“But for him to know he’d have to give a shit. And these days when he isn’t out flaunting his child bride, they’re holed up in the master suite.”

When I’m in my forties I can only wish I’ll still be able to pull girls half my age, so hats off to the man.

“Ugh. It’s disgusting. I mean he’s old. Nearly old enough to be her father. What does she see in him?”

Didn’t she say daddy was the CEO of a major law firm? Asked and answered I’d say, love.

“And it’s not like he’d ever really make good on his threat and cut me off. Bat my lashes and call him daddy.” She huffs out a laugh. “Works every time.”

I have read her wrong. Actually no, I read her right the first time.

“So you like doing things that would piss off daddy do you?”

Tingles fire up my leg and grab me by the balls at the touch of her hand just above my knee.

She slides her palm up my thigh dangerously close to my dick that’s now straining the zipper of my suit trousers. “Sometimes … And what daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him. So why don’t we just cut to the chase?”

This was the chase, love. I think you mean the main attraction.

I jerk my head in a small sideways tilt. “The loo’s over there.”

She leans in, breathing fruit-laced rum in my face. “I know.”

Maybe she’s flown with this airline before. Or maybe …

“I knew what you wanted the moment you helped me with my bag, but it’s cool. It’s been a while since I had British.”

She stands and smoothes down the hem of her dress before heading to the loo without a backward glance.

I love a girl who knows what she wants.


Terri x

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