Sexy Saturday – Lust At First Sight

An Erotic Romance is nothing without a Drop Dead Gorgeous, Hot and Sexy Alpha Male. So are you up for more Saturday sexiness with Sebastian? He’s about to meet Gina for the first time. I think lust at first sight is pretty much what he’s feeling…

* * *

gods-gift-italians-do-it-betterAs I reach blindly for the bottle of water my arm knocks the stupid sand timer thing on my desk, sending it rolling off the edge.

I’m on my knees reaching under my desk for the damn thing when my gaze flicks to a pair of high heels and shapely calves that belong to whoever’s now standing the other side of the table. I’d been so busy trying to retrieve the ridiculous executive toy I hadn’t heard her come in.

I straighten up in my chair and replace the sand timer on the desk, my gaze slowly taking in legs that disappear under the hem of her dress that clings lovingly to the curve of her hips, upwards to full breasts that have to be real and thick brunette locks that cascade in natural curls over her shoulders.

That bottom lip of her generous mouth is definitely biteable.

Arched brows rise slightly above eyes that widen briefly and make me think of hot chocolate on a frosty morning snuggled up on the sofa.

I don’t even drink hot chocolate, I hate the stuff. And I sure as fuck don’t snuggle. Nope, she’s definitely not my type, but for some reason my dick hasn’t got the memo.

She extends her hand across the desk.

Normally I’d stand up to shake it, but have to resort to leaning awkwardly, hoping the desk conceals my growing hard-on that’s beginning to put a serious strain on the zipper of my trousers.

“Hi. I’m Gina. I’m working on the Balin-Speyer takeover.”

She’s the junior associate I’m going to have to work closely with?

Fuck me. And there I was thinking Tom must have a hard time concentrating on work with Jo around.

* * *


* * *

Terri x

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