Sexy Sat: I have got to get laid

Ready to sex up your Saturday with another excerpt from God’s Gift 1?
Seems like Gina is really getting to Sebastian…

* * *


Back in my apartment I strip out of my suit and shirt and after a quick shower pull on sweats and a T shirt.

My stomach grumbles reminding me I haven’t eaten since lunch. There’s zero chance that pasta’s getting cooked so I grab some brie, lettuce and tomatoes, piling them between two slices of bread liberally spread with mayo. After popping the cap off a bottle of Stella, I take my simple meal to the living area and sit my arse down on the sofa.

You’d think with the full cable service there’d be something on TV, but there’s so much reality shit it’s hard to find anything worth watching. Giving up on shows, I click onto the movie selections, scrolling through the choices until I find a detective thriller that looks like it just might hold my attention.

I finish my sandwich and drain the bottle before adding the plate and knife to the breakfast things in the dishwasher, grabbing another lager from the fridge and replanting my arse back on the sofa.

Jesus Christ, barely nine o’clock on a Friday night and I’m home alone, watching TV with just a bottle of beer for company. I’ve gone from babe magnet to sad muppet in less than seventy-two hours.

Okay, slight exaggeration. I bet if I’d asked her out tonight I could have been balls deep inside Maddie by now. But even as the thought crosses my mind I know that’s not where I want to be.

The film reaches that point when the action slows, focusing on the two main characters as they finally give in to their mutual attraction even though they know they shouldn’t, and do it. The camera closes in on the movie’s love interest, her brown eyes closing on a slow blink as the hero brushes her brunette hair over her shoulder and buries his face in her neck, so beginning the obligatory sex scene.

Lingering shots of naked flesh, bodies moving together, mouths meeting and hands clasping, roll across the screen accompanied by a suitably sexy soundtrack. But in my head it’s another’s eyes, another’s mouth and another’s body beneath mine as I move deep inside her.

Fisting my rock hard dick, I lean my head against the back of the sofa and close my eyes, my release soaking my T shirt moments later as I moan out my climax.

Shit. Well that’s a new low; wanking off to a film. And it wasn’t even porn.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with me? There’s a whole city full of girls who’ll be begging to be fucked by the bloke with the sexy English accent. Why am I fixating on the only one I haven’t got a hope with?

Fuck me; I have got to get laid and get this girl out of my head.

* * *


Terri x

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