Sexy Sat: Gina’s Hidden Talents

Ready to sex up the weekend with another excerpt from God’s Gift 1?

It’s Friday night and Sebastian can’t face bonding with his co-workers,
but there’s always the possibility Gina’s going too…

* * *


Matt didn’t say anything about it being a boy’s only thing and as Ryan’s joining us it’s not senior associates only. So after shrugging into my jacket and straightening my tie I head off down the corridor and across reception to see if Gina’s coming too.

I’m just about to say something, but the sight that greets me when I get to her cubicle has me keeping my mouth firmly shut.

She’s changed out of the professional suit she had on today into a dress that hugs her luscious form like a second skin; the top of her thigh exposed as she adjusts the lacy top of her black stocking.

Sensing my presence − which let’s face it can’t be hard because I must be giving off all sorts of lustful vibes − she snaps her head up, quickly smoothing down the hem of her dress, concealing her thigh.

“Jesus! You shouldn’t sneak up on people.”

If she doesn’t want me staring at her legs she should have done that in the ladies’ loos when she changed.

Her mouth keeps moving, but I don’t hear what she says. I’m too busy thinking about nibbling at the soft flesh of her inner thigh … That and trying to fight down the growing hard-on that, if it wasn’t for my close fitting trunks, would be tenting my suit trousers.

“Some of us are going to someplace called Bar Seven Five. Just wondered if you’re coming too.”

“Has hell frozen over?”

“Not last time I looked.”

“I think I’ll pass.”

“Don’t you think it’s good to bond with your fellow associates?”

Your fellow associates you mean. Matt’s okay, but I have zero interest in bonding with the rest of those guys − in any way. Plus I wasn’t invited. And besides, I have plans with a girlfriend.”

Bloody hell, if this is how she dresses for a girls’ night out what would she wear for a date with a man ..? With me … Although thinking about it, it wouldn’t much matter because she wouldn’t be wearing it for long. She can’t just be going to a bar dressed like that, surely. Christ, she’ll have half the men in there hitting on her.

“Going somewhere nice?”

“My friend’s boyfriend is having a showing. They’ll be a lot of contacts there.”


“He’s a photographer.”

“Oh. Are you a photographer too?”

“No, I paint. But the contacts show and buy all mediums.”

So there’s more to her than a fine arse and great pair of tits. Well I knew that already. She works here for fuck’s sake so she has a brain and apparently artistic talents too.

“What do you paint?”

“People. Life.”

“Ask me nicely and maybe I’ll pose for you. You any good?”

“I paint things that inspire me, or people who have a story to tell. And I’m not sure you do.”

“Doesn’t everyone have a story?”

“Do you?”

Her question hangs in the air between us as she looks at me hard; her piercing gaze slicing deep into my soul, peeling back the layers to reveal …

No. I’m not going there.

“Probably not.”

The little shake of her head is almost imperceptible before she huffs a breath. “I have to go. Enjoy your guys’ night out.”

The touch of her hand as she eases me out of her way sears through my chest like a branding iron, and all I want to do is grab her and pull her to me, and kiss the life out of her …

But instead I give in to her slight push and step back allowing her to exit her cubicle.

She stops after a couple of steps and half turns, looking at me over her shoulder. “Oh, and to answer your question. I’m very good.”

I watch her magnificent arse as she walks away, trying to catch my breath. She was talking about painting, right?

* * *


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