Sexy Sat – Getting To Know You

Another Saturday means another sneaky peak into God’s Gift 1.
Sebastian and Gina are having lunch to discuss the deal they’re going to be working on, but Sebastian’s more interested in getting to know the real Gina.

* * *

gods-gift-1-challenge I need to change the subject away from sexual predators who ruthlessly sleep with women then dump them. It’s all a bit too close to home, although I wouldn’t describe myself as ruthless when it comes to the girls I have sex with. They’re all willing participants after all. But something tells me Gina wouldn’t agree.

“So, tell me about Gina. We’re going to be working closely together so we should get to know each other don’t you think?”

“What about you?”

“Everyday upbringing, paid attention at school, got a first with honours at Bath, joined Fraser & Moore six years ago and now I’m here in the Big Apple. There’s not much to tell. And stop evading my question.”

Gina returns my smile and again her small laugh plays its way down my spine. Christ, resisting her is going to be hard.

“Born and raised in New York, but my heart belongs to Italy, although I’ve never been. Got my MBA at Stern on a Dean’s scholarship and joined Berger & Schwartz just over a year ago when they head-hunted me from a rival company.”

“A scholarship, that’s impressive. Your grades must have been shit-hot.”

“They had to be. No way I could afford the fees. What about you?”

“Mine were good, but I didn’t get a scholarship. I came out the other end fifty grand in debt like most students.”

Gina studies me over the rim of her wine glass. “Bet that’s all paid off now.”

Not wanting to come off like a smug smartarse I just shrug my answer. “So you’ve been working how long?”

“Four years. Why?”

“Outstanding graduate of Stern; how come you’re still a junior associate?” And why wasn’t she at the introduction meeting like Ryan ..? Oh yeah, she had a personal thing.

Gina huffs out a derisive sound as she carefully replaces her wine glass on the table. “Take a look around. How many female associates do you see at B&S? Tom Wagner may say he wants the best, but he prefers his associates − especially his senior ones − to have a dick.”

She flat out laughs as I almost choke on my wine.

“Yeah, boobs are a definite disadvantage …”

Oh but they’re such fabulous boobs that just beg for my face to be smooshed between them.

“Unless you’re looking for a secretarial role … Or maybe to work on reception.”

There’s something about how she’s looking at me, how her eyes narrow as she stares. It was pretty obvious Maddie has a thing for me. Is she jealous?

“She likes you. But I get the feeling most women do.”

I can’t help myself and lean in closer. “Don’t you like me? I’m a likeable sort of bloke.”

She leans back in her seat reclaiming the distance between us. “I don’t know you. But I know your type.”

“And what type is that?”

“I think we both know the answer to that … You sit there in your designer suit that probably cost a month’s salary to me and think I’ll fall for your charms as easily as Maddie. You’re not the only player at Berger & Schwartz and none of them have succeeded in getting what you obviously want, so what makes you think you will?”

“Because I like a challenge.”

She swallows, her gaze flicking away for a moment before reconnecting with mine. Yeah, I’m getting to her … Promising.

“Never gonna happen.”

I sit back in my seat and take a sip of wine. “We’ll see.”

* * *


Terri x

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