Sexy Sat: Do you need a minute?

The snow is falling where I am and it’s cold outside,
so let’s heat things up this Sexy Saturday with
another excerpt from God’s Gift 1.
The painting Gina’s done for a client isn’t the only surprise
that awaits Sebastian…

* * *

My phone bleeps with her reply.

I’m ready. Come up b/c I’ll need a hand with the painting. Top floor.

A couple of minutes later the driver pulls up at the kerb outside Gina’s Brooklyn brownstone and I get out.

After climbing the four stone steps of the stoop I press the button to her flat. The door lock buzzes as it clicks open and I push into the building.

As I suspected, a quick glance around the narrow hallway confirms there’s no lift, so I climb the stairs two at a time. Of course she had to live on the top floor didn’t she?

Working out every day, I’m not even puffed when I make it to the fifth floor, but the sight of Gina when she opens the door snatches the breath from my lungs.

My brain’s telling me I must look like an idiot standing here gaping as my gaze rakes over her, but I can’t seem to get my mouth to work.

Her ruby red dress hugs her body in all the right places, accentuating every luscious curve; the colour deepening in the soft folds of material around the neckline that’s just low enough to show a hint of cleavage.

Gina laughs. “Sorry there’s no elevator. Do you need a minute?”

Finally my brain gets the message through to my mouth to speak. “It’s not that, I’m fine. It’s just−”

“Oh God is the dress wrong? I don’t have a long one, but I−.”

“It’s perfect. You look lovely.”

She lets out her breath. “Thank you. So do you … I mean, you look good.”

Knowing the importance of this evening, I’ve gone all out wearing my black Armani tux. It cost a bloody fortune and the bow tie is a complete pain in the arse to actually tie, but with the pleated dress shirt I reckon I pass muster for a swish party in the Hamptons.

As I hold Gina’s gaze I could swear something passes between us, but it’s gone before it fully registers as she breaks the connection, leaving me at the door as she walks further into her apartment.

* * *


Terri x

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