Sexy Banned Commercials

In need of a laugh this Tuesday?
These banned commercials made me giggle.

I’m vegetarian and I tried going vegan, but seriously, one taste of Veganaisse put me right off – evil in a jar! Although if this commercial is to be believed, maybe I should reconsider going vegan!

You’ll never look at those childhood sweets the same way again after watching this commercial.


To quote the song… “sweet dreams are made of this…”

Gone are the days when we’re embarrassed about buying condoms (thank goodness), but this next commercial may be taking making your choice of product a little too far!

Wayne Rooney could probably relate to the next commercial – is he still into ‘older’ women?

The phrase, “should have gone to Specsaver” springs to mind, although I can’t see this last commercial ever being screened on our telly – even after the watershed LOL. (If you’re British, you’ll get this.”

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that brightened up your Tuesday and gave you a giggle or two.

The original videos are two compliations I found on YouTube here and here. I just took out the funniest ones for you.

Terri x

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