Rudest & Best Mugs Ever!

Tea or Coffee time doesn’t have to be boring.


As an author this mug really appeals to me for obvious reasons.
Umm, my birthday was back in August so you’ve missed that,
but Christmas isn’t that far away. Hint, hint …


I’m known for my love of the F-word
(my Heroes, Nick Frost [Frost Trilogy] and
Sebastian Baines [God’s Gift 1] use it often.
And come to think of it, even though Aiden rarely swears
in TORN Jen does!) So this mug is perfect for me too.


Ten minutes? Blimey, that long?
My record was more like ten seconds! LMAO


Uh oh, I’m sensing a theme here…
Bloody hell, how many mugs do I need?


Whether you’re partial to using the F-word or not,
Friday is everyone’s favourite day of the week.


What’s the magic word..? Starts with a ‘P’…
If you don’t want to hear the F-word from me
followed by the word ‘Off’ you better ask nicely.


And if you don’t ask nicely,
this is what you shall be deemed to be.
It would have been so easy to just print the word,
but it’s so much funnier and more creative
how the word is just implied.


As an erotic romance author, I suppose it could be argued
that this mug is perfect for me.
But in real life I’m a good girl… As pure as the driven snow…
Why am I sensing your disbelief?


See my comment above. I have no idea what this means…
Stop laughing!


Again, no clue as to why this is rude/funny…
Seriously, stop laughing!!!


Okay, this one I get.


So true. Unless you’re Brock O’Hurn. Then it’s okay.


I haven’t actually used this word in any of my books,
but I don’t get why some people hate it.
Although you could seriously piss off someone
who does by giving them this mug. Hahaha.


Along with a love of the F-word,
I’m known for my joy of the silly (read childish).
And I LOVE this mug!


Yes they do. And even hotter girls, write! 😉

HP mugs

For Harry Potter fans everywhere these mugs are just perfect.
Let’s face it, a cuppa is lovely, but even better with a biscuit (cookie to Americans).
And I love the wonderful play on words in the coffee one.

All these mugs can be purchased via Etsy.

Terri x

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