Mmm Monday: You’ll Be Mine

Mmm Monday and time for another sexy snippet from
Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1.
It may be cold outside this Monday, but in Nick and Mia’s world
things are about to get decidedly HOT..!

Frost Trilogy Nick & Mia chemistry

He pulls off of his jeans before crawling up the bed to straddle my legs then leans over, reaching into the bedside cabinet drawer. His gaze fixed on me, he sits back on his heels and rips open the foil packet with his teeth. ‘Would you care to do the honours?’

Oh you really do need to stop smirking. I sit up and take the condom. Fine, but first I think I’ll have a little fun of my own.

His cock twitches as I trail my finger up the vein from the base, dip it in the bead of pre-cum oozing from the tip and spread it around the broad crown. I look up to see his head tilted back, his eyes squeezed tight as he bites his bottom lip. Getting to you am I? His breathing shallows as I take him firmly in my hand stroking up and down his considerable length and he lets out a long strangled moan.

He clamps his hand around my wrist. ‘Stop.’ His whisper is dry and hoarse. ‘I need to come inside you.’

Swiping the condom from my hand, he expertly sheaths himself and pushes me back down onto the bed, nudging my legs apart with his knees.

Taking his weight on his forearms he stares down at me. The look in his eyes is so intense it takes my breath away as his gaze flicks between mine, one to the other, like he’s searching for something deep in my soul. He’s got me where he wants me so why does he look so troubled?

Then he’s on my mouth; our lips crashing, tongues clashing ferociously. I grab fistfuls of his hair pulling his face closer. I can’t get close enough.

Moaning into my mouth, he grinds his erection against my lower abdomen as he devours me sending my need for him sky rocketing.

He pulls back and looks down at me eyes blazing; his gaze sure and unwavering now. ‘Once this happens there’s no going back, Mia. You’ll be mine.’

* * *


Terri x

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