Mmm Monday: Stay

The start of another week means only one thing.
Another excerpt from Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1.
The clash may have wondered whether they should stay or go,
but it looks like Mia’s ready to do ‘the walk of shame’.
Silly girl…


* * *

I open my eyes and realise I’ve been asleep. Lifting my head from Nick’s chest I look at the clock radio: just gone quarter past ten. Easing his arm from my shoulder, I slide gingerly off the bed.

Nick turns his head with a moan, his breathing hitching as the bed shifts. I pause, holding my breath, but he doesn’t wake.

Oh God, he’s even more beautiful asleep if that’s possible.

He breathes again; his broad chest rising and falling with each rhythmic deep sleep breath. And I exhale.

After dressing quickly I tip-toe across the room, pausing at the door to look back at him. He was right; it was always going to happen. From the moment I got in his car tonight it was a foregone conclusion – although knowing him, he probably thought it was from the moment we met. The pressure of his dogged pursuit was too much; I was bound to cave – who wouldn’t? Still, do I regret tonight? Right now no, but tomorrow may be another matter.

I pad my way down the hallway to the kitchen and push the door to behind me.

My usual rummage inside my bag reveals my mobile and I scroll down the contacts screen to the cab company Singular Events has an account with. I’m not sure I have enough cash on me for a cab journey from Chelsea to Chiswick so I’ll have to put it on our account and settle it later when we get the invoice. I give the address and am relieved when they say it will only be five minutes. I quietly open the kitchen door and cross into the living room to retrieve my shoes then make my way down the corridor.

I’ve just reached the front door when I’m stopped in my tracks.

‘Where are you going?’ Nick’s voice rasps over my senses making my pulse quicken. Husky from sleep it’s even sexier, but there’s no mistaking the displeasure in his tone.


I turn to see him standing at the end of the corridor: totally naked, hair mussed, bleary-eyed from sleep. I take in his exquisite form and I’m instantly desperate for him all over again, but know it’s time to go.

‘Home.’ Isn’t it obvious?

‘Stay.’ It’s not a request.

Stay? ‘I can’t, I have work tomorrow.’ Why am I having to explain this?

His shoulders sag. ‘Okay.’

He’s agreeing, but still looks less than happy about my leaving. I don’t get it. Most blokes would be pleased at the lack of complications – no need for any awkwardness the next morning.

‘I’ll drive you. Wait while I throw some clothes on.’

‘It’s okay, I’ve already phoned for a cab.’

‘I’ll come down with you then.’

‘There’s really no need.’

He presses his lips together in a firm line. Why does he look so vexed? I walk over to him and kiss him chastely on the cheek.

I open the front door and turn to close it behind me, but he’s standing there, one arm raised against it propping it open. I don’t know what to say so I say nothing.

There’s no need to turn for confirmation, I can feel Nick’s stare as I cross the foyer and press the button, praying no one has called the lift down since we came up. Prayer answered, the doors open immediately. I step in and press for the ground floor looking up to see Nick watching intently as the lift doors close.

* * *


Terri x

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