Mmm Monday: Say It With Flowers

Another Monday is upon us. So are you ready for
more sexiness that is Nick and Mia from Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1?
Having left her hanging after asking his audacious question
will flowers win Mia over..?

* * *


Claire comes in and stands holding open the door, looking like she’s about to burst. I’ve never seen her so animated. What’s the matter with her? And why is she pointing at me?

Then I see why as a man walks in holding a Moyse Stevens bag overflowing with lilac roses. I scribble something unintelligible on the delivery sheet and hand it back.

Claire’s still hovering in the doorway dying of curiosity even after the delivery man leaves, but thankfully the office phone rings and she disappears back into reception to answer it.

I know Moyse Stevens: fabulous, but definitely not cheap. There must be a hundred quid’s worth here. I don’t have to read the card to know who they’re from, but I do anyway.

I’m sorry for leaving you in such a state of disarray.
Forgive me. Nick x

Soppy cow that I am I go all gooey. For all of sixty seconds, then good sense kicks in. He could spend a thousand pounds on flowers, it doesn’t change anything.

And don’t think the lack of a question mark has passed me by. His request for absolution isn’t a request at all, more of an order. Arrogant arse.

And a kiss? There’ll definitely be no more kissing.

The office phone rings. Claire must still be on the other call and Sophie’s in with Stephen so I pick up.

‘Mia.’ Oh God, the way he says my name in that sexy, drawn out, breathless kind of way.

My hello lacks confidence; the wariness in my voice clearly evident.

‘Did you get the flowers?’

‘Yes.’ About a nanosecond ago. How does he know?

‘Am I forgiven?’

For what? Being a shameless bastard, or for whipping me into a panting heap of want then leaving me hanging?

‘I’ll take your silence as a yes.’

You can take it any way you like mister.

‘So tell me. Have you given any thought to my question?’

Good God this man has no shame. But yes I have actually. I could hardly sleep that night for thinking about it and when I did I dreamt of him; of his strong, hard, naked body possessing mine, fucking me senseless. I woke up wet and exhausted; the sheets in a tangled mess. But I’m hardly going to admit it to him am I? I decide to play it cool.

‘I don’t remember any question Mr Frost.’

‘Now we both know that’s a lie.’

Okay, he’s got me there. I’m not likely to forget such an audacious question – or the way it made me feel.

‘And it’s Nick. I told you, my friends call me Nick. I think we can consider ourselves friends now, don’t you?’

Friends? So you make a habit of pinning friends up against the wall and making indecent propositions to them do you?

‘Oh well, if you won’t answer me I’ll just have to find out for myself.’

‘And how’s that going to happen?’ Oh Christ, I didn’t say that out loud did I? I know how, just not the specifics.

‘Do you want specifics?’

Oh good God he can read my mind.

‘There are so many things I could do to you Mia. And will. In time.’

Jesus, I can feel him smouldering through the phone. So many things? What things? Specifically.

I clamp my thighs together in an attempt to quell the heated ache in my groin.

‘Do you want a list?’

‘I don’t think that will be necessary.’ I sound snappy. I don’t mean to. He’s just caught me off guard. Again.

‘Why bother fighting it Mia? We both know it’s going to happen.’

* * *


Terri x

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