Mmm Monday: Nick’s Persistence

Hating Monday already? How about some more
Nick and Mia sexiness from Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1?
Personally, I love a man who’s persistent,
and Nick takes tenaciousness to a whole new level…

* * *

beguiled-ft1-how-good-it-feels ‘What are you playing at?

Ignoring my waspish tone, he closes the door carefully behind him, his gaze dark with intent. ‘I told you Mia, whatever it takes. And this was the only way to get you here.’

It’s a logical explanation to him and one I understand, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Anger isn’t getting through to him so I try disdain. ‘And what does that tell you?’

‘I had to see you. Are you saying you would have come if you knew it was me?’

I don’t know why he’s bothering to ask. The answer must be as clear as day in the outraged expression I’m pretty sure is plastered on my face.

‘So I resorted to a little subterfuge.’ He shrugs nonchalantly. ‘So shoot me.’

I open my mouth to counter this flagrantly brazen reasoning for his deception, but I’m lost for words. His audacity is positively breath-taking!

My head is fuming, but my eyes have a mind of their own, my gaze wandering over his body, taking in how fine he looks. I thought he looked pretty tasty in a suit, but in a tight fitting white T shirt and stonewashed jeans he’s positively mouth-watering.


‘I want you Mia.’ He doesn’t need to say it – the bulge in his jeans is evidence enough.

My body responds to his words, not to mention his obvious arousal, my heart rate increasing; a slow thrumming setting in between my thighs.

Double damn.

My brain snaps to attention reminding me that I’m angry here and dragging my gaze back up to Frost’s.

‘So, what? You thought you’d get your friend to do your dirty work, luring me here just because you want a quick fuck?’

He flinches at the harshness of my words. ‘Don’t blame Aide. He was just doing me a favour.’

Favour? That’s what we’re calling it is it? ‘Yeah, right. What are friends for?’

He moves towards me and I idiotically hold up my hand like a cop directing traffic as if that will stop him. In a second he’s inches from me.

Taking my hand he places it over his heart. And I forget to breathe. His chest is solid muscle and damn me if I don’t have the sudden urge to rip his T shirt off him and slather my tongue all over his rock hard pecs.

‘Do you feel what you do to me?’ How could I not? His heart is thumping so fast under my hand it feels like it’s about to explode. ‘Why are you fighting me? Fighting this?’

It doesn’t pass me by that he hasn’t denied my quick fuck comment. He wants me alright, but it’s not the kind of wanting I need.

He closes the small space between us and I’m encompassed by his arms. His mouth smothering my neck has me instantly melting. My good intentions, having packed their bags, are busy checking their pockets for passports and sun tan lotion as they wave a cheery goodbye.

Oh God, he smells divine. There’s the underlying fragrance of his cologne, but it’s less intense; more of a freshly showered clean kind of smell mingling with his own masculine scent.

The muscles in his arms flex as he moves them to the base of my spine, pulling me to him so tight there isn’t a wafer’s gap between our bodies.

‘You and me Mia. This is meant to be,’ he growls against my neck as he rolls his hips, his erection pressing hard against me.

I let my head loll to one side allowing him better access as his tongue has my willpower dissolving with each wet slippery trail up and down my neck as it works its magic again, slipping and sliding.

It’s too good.

If I thought caffeine was bad for my nerves it’s nothing to what he’s doing to me. Every nerve in my body is fizzing like a sparkler on bonfire night.

I slide my hands up his sinewy arms and splay my fingers over his biceps. They’re as hard as his pecs. Dear God, this man is a rock.

My sensible side tuts at my lack of resolve and huffs off in disgust leaving my inner slapper dribbling with desire, mentally begging him to bend me over that big mahogany desk and take me.

Raising his head from my neck, his brows knit in a frown as he stares down at me. He looks… tormented. ‘I don’t know what it is… There’s…’ Moving his hands from my back he spreads his palms on the side of my face, the imploring look in his eyes taking my breath away. ‘Tell me you feel it too.’

I do.

I’m caught in the intensity of his gaze; crushed under the weight of need in his eyes as he slowly draws his thumb across my bottom lip. It’s too much. I’m not equal to the fight; his will so much stronger than mine. My shoulders lower in surrender and my lips part; the breath leaving my mouth in a silent yielding sigh.

* * *


Terri x

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