Mmm Monday: Mmm. Salty.

So who’s up for some more sexy shenanigans
with Nick and Mia in Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1?
Mmm Monday … Mmm Nick Frost. Mmm Caviar…

* * *


‘How long have you lived here?’

‘A while. Hungry?’

He opens the huge American style integrated fridge and I’m surprised to see more than the usual bachelor contents of cans of lager and something mouldering away on the bottom shelf. There’s fresh food in there. Somehow I don’t see Frost as someone who has even a passing acquaintance with a supermarket. Don’t tell me he went especially for me? Oh wait. No. That’s what places like this have a concierge for.

‘Is that real Beluga caviar?’

Of course it is, stupid. He’s going to think you have absolutely no sophistication. I have had it before and the real thing is way better than the cheap stuff I treat myself to now and again.

‘You have expensive tastes.’

‘Hey, it’s in your fridge.’ Why do I feel I have to go on the defensive?

I return his raised-brow look with a defiant one of my own.

His mouth twitches in amusement. ‘Touché.’

Just when I think he’s lightened up, Mister Moody returns and he’s looking intently into my eyes. What the hell is going on in his head?

‘Want some?’

I nod.

Now I’m expecting it to come spread on a cracker, but instead he opens the pot, chucks the lid on the counter and dives in; offering his fish egg laden finger to my mouth. Well Mister Moody’s gone then. This must be Mister Playful, or Playfully-Sexy.

My desire to taste the delicious saltiness outweighs my embarrassment and I tentatively take the tip of his finger in my mouth. The eggs burst on my tongue. Mmm. Delicious.

He puts his finger in his mouth and slowly sucks down its length to get the few eggs I’ve left behind, releasing it with a smack and licks his lips. ‘Mmm. Salty.’

Oh-kay. Like that wasn’t suggestive at all. Definitely Playful-Sexy.

* * *


Terri x

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