Mmm Mon: I Need You Naked

Are you up for more Monday sexiness with
Nick and Mia from Beguiled: Frost Trilogy 1?
Mmm… Now these are four little words every woman
would just love to hear Nick Frost say to her…

* * *


‘I need you naked,’ he breaths.

Happy to oblige I go to shrug out of my blouse, but he covers my hands with his.

‘Let me.’

He slides my blouse off my shoulders and I straighten my arms allowing it to slip to the floor. My skirt goes the same way and I’m left standing in my underwear.

‘Turn round.’

I see Mister Bossy’s back then, but I’m not complaining.

I turn.

A shiver ripples the length of my body as he trails a lazy path with his finger from the nape of my neck all the way down my spine to the rise of my behind.

‘See how good it feels when you stop fighting me?’ His voice is soft and enticing as he places both his hands on my shoulders.

I feel his warm breath on my skin as he brushes his lips down my neck finding my sensitive spot. A small moan escapes my mouth as I let my head loll to one side.

I thought he needed me naked. For someone who was desperate to have me, he’s taking his own sweet time about it.

He unhooks my bra and slowly slides the straps down my arms letting it fall to the floor as he starts an unhurried, determined circling of my nipple while he licks his leisurely way up from my collar bone to my ear.

Sparks fire through me all over again as he sucks on my lobe, taking it between his teeth, pulling at the flesh. My breathing shallows as my heart thumps a rapid tattoo and all my senses start a synchronised clamouring.

He’s as turned on as I am; his urgency evident in his ragged breathing as he glides his free hand down my abdomen, leaving a tingly trail in its wake.

A harsh moan leaves his mouth as he slips his fingers into my wetness. ‘You’re so responsive.’

I confirm his assertion, crying out, my legs buckling, body twitching as he finds my clit, rubbing the swollen nub.

‘I could make you come so easily,’ he purrs close to my ear. ‘Again. And. Again. And. Again.’

He emphasises every, single, word, in a slow, drawn out seductive drawl that flows over me like warm, melted chocolate.

Oh dear God he could and what’s more he’s about to. My impending orgasm’s approaching fast on the horizon and I’m rushing to meet it. Again.

I need his mouth on mine and he offers no resistance as I clasp the back of his head to pull his face down to mine; our lips melding in a deep, wet kiss.

‘You’re close aren’t you?’

I’m so close I’m about ready to explode; the pressure in my groin almost unbearable. I’m coming apart; my body shuddering as I waver, about to tumble over the edge into sweet oblivion.

My impending orgasm instantly retreats, hanging in limbo as he abruptly stops circling and rubbing.

Pulling back from our kiss he huffs a small laugh at my moan of disappointment.

‘Patience. You’ll come.’

* * *


Terri x

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