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To whet your appetite, here are some Sexy Snippets from Dirty Trucker

dirty trucker spank it

As I slide my palms up to the top of her thighs, she takes a step back.

I’m about to protest, but the words don’t make it past my lips when she turns her back to me, bends at the waist and sticks out her ass as she slowly peels down her panties.

* * *

dirty trucker what Im good at
“If I pull over, you can bet some nosey state trouper or sheriff will come knocking on the door asking if everything’s okay. So, hold that thought until we make the next truck stop.”

The stop I’m heading for ain’t the best, but I’m about to run out of driving time so I have no choice but to stop. But even if I didn’t have to, the girl sitting on the passenger seat offering herself up to me and the hardness in my pants is more than reason enough to stop anywhere.

“Okay, but you better not be all talk.”

* * *

dirty trucker take off your panties
“You can back out now if you want to. You still get a ride to Richmond.”

Her lips part and she breathes out an impatient sigh. “My pussy’s just aching to come, so get your face down there and eat me.”

Six p.m. is a busy time at any truck stop as drivers stop for their evening meal, and this place is no exception. Along with the big rigs there are several family cars parked as well. The last thing I need is for some kid to come nosing around and catch me with my face buried in Bre’s pussy, then find myself on a gross indecency charge.

“Get in the back. I don’t need an audience.”

* * *

dirty trucker no fairy tale
Once I’m done cleaning up I quickly dry off and go back into the adjoining bedroom to be greeted by the delicious sight of the girls waiting for me. Their loosely-tied silky robes that show a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage are just about long enough to cover their asses, and short enough to reveal the lacy tops of black hold-up stockings.

Sure, they could just cut to the chase and be waiting naked, but where’s the fun in that? I take immense pleasure in divesting a woman of her clothes, however few she’s wearing. And even more pleasure in watching her slowly remove them herself. Better still, watching women undress each other.

* * *

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